Why You Should Always Fill Out Car Insurance Quote Forms Accurately


Filling out an online quote form is a fast and easy way to compare insurance rates from various companies and to secure coverage with ease. When filling out these quotes, however, you will be asked a lot of questions. Along with having to enter your basic information and the details about your car, you'll probably also be asked about accidents, tickets and other incidents that have occurred in your recent driving history.

3 March 2016

Why Marijuana Use Can Raise Your Auto Insurance Rates


Although marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use in some states, including Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, in many states, a DUI conviction involving marijuana use can increase your auto insurance premium rates. Driving under the influence of marijuana, cocaine, or other controlled substance increases the risk of being in an accident, which will cost your insurance company and you money. Therefore, before climbing behind the wheel, it's important to consider all the adverse effects drugged driving can have.

3 March 2016

Car Insurance Savings For College Students


Heading off to college means you are also striking out on your own. This independence can come at a cost, though, especially when it comes to your car insurance. College age drivers still fall into a high risk age group, which can lead to higher insurance rates. This can be tough on a student budget. The following tips can help you find a lower rate with the best insurance possible.

18 January 2016

Is Auto Insurance Comparison Shopping Worth Your Time?


When discussing auto insurance savings, the first thought that comes to most minds is that there will be extra room in the budget for "fun stuff." New electronics, a better car, home improvements or even an expensive vacation may be a desire for many people. You can also put your savings toward your retirement account. This will allow you to retire sooner and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. However, there are times when it may not be effective to comparison shop for other auto insurance plans.

23 November 2015

4 Easy Tips For Staying Safe On The Road This Winter


Your driving habits should change season to season due to their drastically different driving conditions, but there are several other things that you should consider before getting on the road as the weather begins to change. With winter right around the corner, it's important that you're familiar with what kind of preparations you need to make for your car. Make Sure to Get Your Car Ready for Winter Making some changes to your car is a good idea before the weather begins to worsen due to the conditions changing on the road.

23 July 2015

Driving Safely Can Help You Avoid An Accident


Safe driving habits reduce your risk of becoming involved in an auto accident. Driving defensively may also may help lower your auto insurance rates by qualifying you for a safe driver discount. When driving defensively, there are a number of basic tips you should follow to lessen your chances of hitting or being hit by another vehicle. Avoid driving when you're feeling tired Your responses are slower when you're sleepy; therefore, driving when you are tired puts you at higher risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

4 June 2015

Deciding If An Insurance Add-On Is Right For You


Insurance is a fact of modern life. Because of the plethora of insurance companies and policies out there, it is important to know what your policy covers, and if necessary what you can do to fill holes in your coverage. Some institutions will offer add-ons which you can buy in order to cover holes in your coverage; however, just because someone offers you an add-on does not mean that it is necessary.

21 April 2015

How To Lower Your Teen's Auto Insurance Costs


It's that time: time to put your teen driver on your auto insurance. This thought can make many parents cringe: a teenager can make an auto insurance policy skyrocket, and that's even if they are a good driver. Still, there are some ways that you can get your teen driver a more affordable policy, often while teaching them the importance of responsibility. Enroll Them in a Course A teen driving course is the perfect way to get your teen road ready while also getting discounted rates.

26 March 2015

3 Reasons To Have Renter's Insurance


If you are renting a property, it is very important that you have renters insurance. This type of insurance can be very affordable and can be renewed annually so that if your circumstances change, you can cancel it at anytime. Many people who rent don't understand all the reasons why they need renters insurance. Here are a couple reasons that you should have renters insurance. 1. It Can Help To Cover Living Expenses

28 January 2015