How To Lower Your Teen's Auto Insurance Costs


It's that time: time to put your teen driver on your auto insurance. This thought can make many parents cringe: a teenager can make an auto insurance policy skyrocket, and that's even if they are a good driver. Still, there are some ways that you can get your teen driver a more affordable policy, often while teaching them the importance of responsibility. Enroll Them in a Course A teen driving course is the perfect way to get your teen road ready while also getting discounted rates.

26 March 2015

3 Reasons To Have Renter's Insurance


If you are renting a property, it is very important that you have renters insurance. This type of insurance can be very affordable and can be renewed annually so that if your circumstances change, you can cancel it at anytime. Many people who rent don't understand all the reasons why they need renters insurance. Here are a couple reasons that you should have renters insurance. 1. It Can Help To Cover Living Expenses

28 January 2015